Gas Fireplace Balls & Fire Pit Balls

These gas fireplace and fire pit balls give a new, modern-day edge to your gas fireplace or outdoor fire pit. We provide an assortment of uniform and mixed fireplace ball sets that come in a variety of set sizes ranging from 18 – 60 inches to work with our rectangular CS burner. You can pair the ceramic fireplace ball pieces with silica sand or volcanic ash for a dramatic, yet complete look.

Similar to the gas fireplace stones, the gas fireballs are made from fireproof, high-heat resistant ceramic. Also, we offer eight natural ceramic fire pit shape colors to choose from and are confident you will find a color that is suitable for your home décor. The colors for the fireplace and fire pit balls are created by using an environmentally friendly ceramic stain. This natural stain is then added to each of the Natural ceramic gas fireballs and is absorbed into the material. The stains on the gas fireplace balls and fire pit balls will age gracefully and will not burn away over time. Our gas fireball sets are for fully vented gas applications.

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