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Fireplace Fire Glass Beads

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1/2" Emerald FireBeads
$4.30 $5.37
1/2" Aqua Blue Luster Fire Beads
$4.30 $5.37
1/2" Caramel FireBeads
$4.30 $5.37
1/2" Caramel Luster FireBeads
$4.30 $5.37
1/2" Emerald Green Luster FireBeads
$4.30 $5.37
1/2" Glacier Ice FireBeads
$4.30 $5.37
1/2" Royal Blue FireBeads
$4.30 $5.37
1/2" Royal Blue Luster FireBeads
$4.30 $5.37
1/2" Sangria FireBeads
$4.30 $5.37
1/2" Sangria Luster FireBeads
$4.30 $5.49
1/2" Twilight FireBeads
$4.30 $5.37
1/2" Twilight Luster FireBeads
$4.30 $5.37

Our Fire Glass Bead Collection

Fire Glass Beads are a terrific way to add a modern look to your indoor or outdoor décor. The smooth and polished look of Fire Beads creates a relaxing environment that complements any style and any room. Choose from a variety of elegant colors or create your own custom look. Show off your personal style and sophistication with Fire Pit Glass Beads.

Fire Beads versus Fire Glass
You may be familiar with our traditional Fire Glass products and wondering how Fire Beads or sometimes referred to as Firebeads, are different. Both Fire Beads and Fire Glass are similar in that they both create that mesmerizing glow and vibrant dancing color. However, FireBeads are a bit different in terms of shape and texture. In fact, Fire Beads are not pieces of broken glass like Fire Glass, but instead, smooth, rounded beads. Unlike Fire Glass, glass fire beads are uniform in shape and size, at about ½" each. But that only adds to the amazing look of these beads as the fire dances above. Fire Pit Glass Beads are simply impressive with a luminous glow and reflection.

Dazzling Colors
Our Fireplace Fire Beads are available in some of the most dazzling colors. From Apricot Luster to Emerald Green, ½” Fire Glass Beads are just amazing to watch. Caramel Fire Beads paired with Glacier Ice creates an unbelievable hue that is extra sparkly and breathtaking. Remember, you don't have to pick just one color. There are different shades ranging from light to dark, that when paired, can create an entirely new custom look. Try adding color to your décor that complements your fabric or drapery. If choosing Fire Beads for an outside fireplace, think about the reflection made by your pool or foliage. The possibilities are endless when you consider all of the combinations of colors that you can choose from.

Shop online to start having fun choosing colors and impress your friends with your unique style and sophistication.

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