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Fire Glass Calculator

If you are not sure how much fire glass you need for your fire feature, you can easily and accurately calculate how much you need by using our fire glass calculator below. All you need to do is simply select your fire feature type, fill out your dimensions, and hit calculate.

By using our fire pit glass calculator, you can determine the correct amount of fire glass you need to plan a successful fire feature project for any type of application.

Quick Tip! We recommend a depth of 2" to 4" for most fire features. This should be enough to sufficiently cover the burners and piping, and evenly distribute the heat from the burners over the surface of your fire pit or fireplace. If you want to follow the recommendation, just input between 2 to 4 on the Depth field of the fire glass calculator below. For propane fire features, we recommend you use 2"-2.5".

If you are going to use Silica Sand or Volcanic Ash use the following instructions to calculate how much you need.

To calculate Silica Sand, enter the dimensions of the space you would like to fill and then multiply the result by 1.2

To calculate Volcanic Ash
For Rectangular Fire Pits - Width x Depth x Thickness divided by 33.2 = Pounds of Volcanic Ash required
For Round Fire Pits - Diameter x Diameter x Thickness divided by 42.3 = Pounds of Volcanic Ash required

Select Your Fire Feature

Fireplace Fire Glass Calculator
(A) Front Width in Fireplace Fire Glass Dimensions
(B) Back Width in
(C) Depth in
(D) Height
(recommended 2" -4")
Total Glass Needed (lbs) :
Round Fire Pit Fire Glass Calculator
(A) Diameter in. Fire Pit Fire Glass Dimensions

(B) Depth
(recommended 2"-4")

Total Glass Needed (lbs) :
Square Fire Pit Fire Glass Calculator
(A) Length in. Fire Pit Fire Glass Dimensions
(B) Width in.
(C) Depth
(reccomended 2"-4")
Total Glass Needed (lbs) :



As you can see from the many photos on our website, our fire glass is available in different shapes and sizes for both fire pits and fireplaces, and is specifically made by our manufacturer for this purpose. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind in order to get the right type of glass for your fire pit.

  1. What type of gas are you using? If you are using Propane Gas, you'd want to use 1/2" or larger sized glass. With Natural Gas you have the freedom to use any glass size, as Natural Gas can move more easily through a dense space.
  2. Burner holes must be facing up towards the sky or at least be at a 45 degree angle when using Propane Gas.
  3. Do NOT use lava rock as a filler when using Propane Gas. If you want to use a filler, it must be right below the burner and it needs to be a hard compact surface such as silica sand or pea gravel (a.k.a. volcanic ash). You do not want to leave any space where Propane Gas can leak or build up into your base or under your burner.
  4. You MUST cover your burner with at least 2" of fire glass whether you are using Propane or Natural Gas. This is what will ensure that your glass doesn't crack or pop. Yes it can happen, but if you have the right amount of glass over the burner, then the heat will be evenly distributed over the glass and no popping/cracking should occur.

Make sure that you always get the right amount. Simply use the fire pit glass calculator provided above to get the right amount of glass so you can enjoy your beautiful fireplace safely!

For any inquiries regarding our products or the online ordering process, please feel free to contact us.

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