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Fire Glass


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1/2" Clear Fire Glass
$3.49 $6.00
1/2" Azuria Fire Glass
$4.70 $7.00
1/2" Black Fire Glass
$4.70 $7.00
1/2" Bronze Fire Glass
$4.70 $7.00
1/2" Cobalt Fire Glass
$4.70 $7.00
1/2" Copper Fire Glass
$4.70 $7.00
1/2" Evergreen Fire Glass
$4.70 $7.00
1/2" Gray Fire Glass
$4.70 $7.00
1/2" Pacific Blue Fire Glass
$4.70 $7.00
1/2" Star Fire Fire Glass
$4.70 $7.00
1/4" Azuria Fire Glass
$4.50 $6.00
1/4" Black Fire Glass
$4.50 $6.00

Our Fire Glass Collection

Blazing glass offers the most comprehensive range of top quality fire glass and other hearth products. From quarter inch fire glass to half inch fire glass and eco fire glass in a wide variety of colors, we have a huge portfolio of products to suit different style needs and individual preferences.

One of our most popular collections is the half inch fire glass collection. It is popular, because the bigger pieces of fire glass look more aesthetic and allow air to circulate better. This ensures a bigger and a more effervescent flame. When the large, liquid-like effervescent flame dances off the fire glass, it creates a fire display that is nothing short of mesmerising.

The wide range of colors allows you to use your creativity to mix and match colors to go with the color scheme and create artistic and dramatic effects. If you have a fire pit by the poolside, just add the aqua half inch fire glass to it, and enjoy the beautiful fire display as the color of the water and glass complement each other, and the flame accentuates their beauty.

If you are tired of the sight of plumbing and pipes sneaking out of the fireplace, then just conceal then just conceal it with this half inch fire glass, and let it take away all the attention. When it comes to energy efficieny, and ease of cleaning and maintenance, there is hardly anything that can beat our fire glass.

Compared to ceramic logs and fire stones, fire glass produces more heat and uses less gas. It does not emit any smoke, soot, ash, or toxic fumes. The fire glass has been manufactured using a unique process that renders it a smooth finish and high heat resistance. It can withstand temperatures to the tune of 1300 degrees without losing their shape, color, or shine.

When installed and used properly, the half inch fire glass can last a life time. So, this one-time investment will pay you for years in terms of better aesthetics, energy efficiency, cleanliness, and low maintenance.

It has been manufactured by American Fire Glass, the industry leader known world over for its top quality fire glass. So, give your fireplace or fire pit a makeover, with ½ inch fire glass from Blazing Glass.

Blazing Glass is your #1 Retail Hearth Industry Leader Superstore with over 25 years of combined experience and we refuse to be beaten! Our professional experience, amazing selection, everyday low prices, and Blazing Guarantee make us the right choice for you!