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Fire Pit Fire Rings

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12" Stainless Steel Fire Pit Ring Burner
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18" Stainless Steel Fire Pit Ring Burner
$75.00 $88.24
24" Stainless Steel Fire Pit Ring Burner
$105.00 $123.53
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30" Stainless Steel HIGH Capacity Triple Fire Pit Ring Burner
$150.00 $176.47
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36" Stainless Steel HIGH Capacity Triple Fire Pit Ring Burner
$182.75 $215.00
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48" Stainless Steel HIGH capacity Triple Fire Pit Ring Burner
$374.00 $440.00
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6" Stainless Steel Fire Ring Burner
$50.00 $58.89

Our Fire Rings Collection

Fire pits are probably the best outdoor accessory for anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors even in the chilly winters. They don’t just keep you warm, but also create an inviting ambience for family get-togethers. If you are looking to build a new fire pit or give a makeover to your existing fire pit with some gorgeous fire glass or fire rocks, then our fire ring burners are the right choice for you. Simple yet efficient design is what describes these fire pit burners.

Fire Rings Designs

Fire rings are designed in a way that you get an even and realistic flame. Each design element has been conceived in a way that it adds to the overall fire experience in some way. Our fire ring burners feature a cross bar design that allow gas to circulate better and you get a bigger and better flame. Furthermore, the concentric rings of this ring burner create a bigger diameter for optimal flame height.

These fire pit rings have been designed to have an accurate number of holes that create a beautiful flame that distributes evenly throughout the fire pit.

Fire rings are made using high quality 304 stainless steel, which gives it immense strength and heat resistance. These fire rings are perfect for use in outdoor fire pits and they do not get harmed by high temperatures and prolonged exposure to heat and elements. When used as per recommendations, the fire rings don’t get corroded easily, and last virtually a life time.

Fire Ring Sizes

Fire rings are available in a wide variety of sizes, and you can choose the one that best fits into your fire pit. While choosing the fire pit, you need to make sure that the fire ring should be at least 6 inches smaller than the interior diameter of your fire pit.

Blazing glass offers fire rings in sizes 6”, 12”, 18”, 24”, 30”, 36”, and 48”. It has a ½ inch female gas inlet that has been drilled and not punched to create a seamless and durable burner.


Fire rings are extremely easy to install and they come with an inlet valve, and all you need to do is hook it up to gas supply, cover it will fire glass of your choice, and switch on the fire pit to enjoy an amazing fire experience. The fire rings are perfect for DIY installation, and you can do it without any technical knowledge.

So, choose the right sized ring burner for your fire pit, and get ready for an amazing outdoor fire experience. Also, order your favorite fire glass to complete your fire pit project.

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