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Our Fireplace Burners Collection

A warm, roaring gas fireplace can be a great way to relax and also entertain guests by adding some glittering fire glass into the flame. However, if you don’t have the right burner for the job, you’re sure to be disappointed with the results!

With Blazing glass’ high quality fireplace burners you can rest assured that you will get a large, evenly distributed flame for a spectacular fire display every time! Our fireplace burners are not only ultra-stylish, but are made from the finest quality materials so you can continue to enjoy the fire, or entertain visitors, for many years to come.

Our catalog of high quality fireplace burners includes:  

Paramount Burners

The perfect match for your contemporary gas fueled fireplace, our paramount burners are for use in fully vented applications only. Not only are they visually appealing, but are also built from high quality stainless steel which means they are extremely durable and long lasting. Each paramount burner comes with a built-in T-burner.

Our paramount burners are available for natural gas applications and come in various stylish colors and sizes.

Contemporary Tray Burners

Give your fireplace an ultra-modern, elegant touch! These contemporary burners will not only ensure you get a high quality, evenly distributed flame, but will also make your fireplace look classy when there is no fire. They are built with high quality stainless steel and each burner includes a very efficient built-in H-burner for an outstanding flame. They are the perfect choice for a fire glass display!

Our contemporary tray burners are available for natural gas applications and come in various sizes and shapes.


Our H-burners are not only trendy to look at, but are extremely easy to install and use!
H-burners give you that realistic, uniformly distributed flame for a terrific fire glass display. Made of high grade stainless steel, they are guaranteed to withstand extreme temperatures and last you many years to come. Just hook up your H-burner to your gas supply, cover it up with 2 – 4 inches of fire glass and get ready for the show!

Our H-burners are available for both natural gas and propane applications and come in several sizes.

Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces

Go green with our bio-ethanol fireplace! These environmentally friendly burners allow you to relish the warmth of a cozy fireplace without any of the guilt of causing pollution.

These lovely fireplaces work on bio-ethanol fuel which is completely clean burning and requires no ventilation; so if you don’t have ventilation, it’s not a problem. Furthermore, these bio-ethanol fireplaces require no hooking up to an electrical outlet or gas line, so you can move them around almost anywhere in your home.

Our bio-ethanol fireplaces come in several trendy styles.

Tabletop Fireplaces

Forget the candles, how about a miniature fireplace to light up your dining table!?

Imagine the reaction of your guests as they sit across from you at table and gaze upon your ultra-modern tabletop fire display. Throw in a few dazzling fire glass pieces and you will have a spectacle which will not soon be forgotten!

These stylish products come equipped with tempered wind guards and also without and are available in several lovely varieties.

Stone and Log Burners

Perhaps you want to give your fireplace a brand new look, but still prefer the traditional firewood and fire stone for the display. Then our stone and log burners are perfect for you!

Designed for use with ceramic logs and fire stones, the overall effect of this unique burner is a lovely blend of classical, yet modern and trendy at the same time.

Available for both natural gas and propane, or stone and log burners come in several sizes.

Vent Free Burners

No chimney? No problem! Even if you don’t have any vents, we have a host of high quality burner options for you!

Our ultra-stylish vent free or ventless burners require no ventilation at all and are also extremely heat efficient, meaning all the lovely warmth stays indoors. Available for both natural gas and propane applications, our vent free burners emit no harmful chemicals and produce no ash or soot, so there is no cleaning. Just enjoy the fire glass display and forget your worries!

Our vent free burners are available in several beautiful varieties.

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