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All About FireStones & Logs

If you are a nostalgic spirit and prefer good old tradition over modern day glitz and glamour, then our elegant fire stones and fire logs may be just the adornments needed for your fire feature.

Made of highly durable ceramic material and available in several classic and eccentric varieties, these exquisite products will not only beautify your fireplace for years to come, but their rustic charm is sure to garner lots of compliments from your guests too.

Best of all, despite their realistic appearance, our fire stones and logs are extremely heat resistant and emit no harmful chemicals or pollutants, nor do they produce any ash, thus they hardly require any cleaning!

Browse through our exquisite varieties of fire stones and fire logs…

Fire Balls

The perfect blend between modern and traditional, these handsome fire balls will give your fire feature that clean and organized look. With eight classy colors and a variety of sizes to choose from, they are sure to appeal to those with a sophisticated sense of style. Click here for details.

Fire Stones

A little variation on the fire balls, these fire stones are perfect for those looking for a simple, clean, yet attractive look for their fire feature. Available in eight very classy colors, these heat resistant ceramic products will instantly modernize your fireplace or fire pit. Click here for details.

Fire Shapes

Here’s something for the eccentric in you! Attractive yet undeniably unconventional, these fireplace shapes are sure to attract a few second glances and a fair share of compliments. Durable and heat resistant, this unique variety of fire stones comes in several shapes and colors. Click here for details.

Lava Rocks & Fillers

If you’re a nature lover and prefer that pure, untainted, ‘earthy’ look, then you will love our lava rocks. Naturally occurring, these ancient-looking rocks are not only impressive to look at, but their high heat retention capabilities mean that they’ll burn for much longer than ceramic logs, while giving your fireplace or fire pit that untouched, natural look. Click here for details.

Vented Fireplace Logs

Nothing says tradition like burning logs in a nice, warm fireplace. But as lovely and realistic as they may seem, these ceramic logs are known more for their decorative purposes, than their heat efficiency. Designed for open chimneys, most of the heat generated escapes through the top. Still, out of all artificial fires, these logs generate the most realistic flame, delighting onlookers and tricking them into believing it’s a natural fire. Click here for details.

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