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Our Fireshapes Collection

If you are someone who likes to keep everything ultra-modern and stylish in their home, then you might probably have already used the ceramic logs in your fireplace or fire pit. However, in case you feel that the ceramic logs are no longer doing any good to your modern décor, then you must check out the even more stylish and contemporary fire shapes. The varied shapes in your fireplace give it a unique and sophisticated look.

The varied fire shapes such as round, square, cones, and others make your fireplace stand out giving it the contemporary look that you have always desired. To get that ultimate look in your fireplace or fire pit, all you need to do is stack these shapes into a pile and enjoy an amazing flame that will illuminate the whole ambience. Due to the varied shapes, the air circulates better in the gaps and create a bigger and better flame.

Not Just Different Shapes, Different Colors Too

At Blazing Glass, we always endeavor to offer hearth products that improve your fire experience and let you create a contemporary and stylish look for the fire feature. Keeping up with this, we have put together this colorful collection of fire shapes. These geometric fire shapes are available in different beautiful colors including light gray, dark gray, adobe red, black, beige, natural and white.

You can select a color that complements your existing color scheme and décor, and gives a complete new colorful look to your fireplace. The beauty of these fire shapes is that they don’t lose their color to heat and instead age gracefully over time. This is because a special, eco-friendly stain is used to color these fire shapes. The stain gets absorbed into the ceramic material of these fire shapes, and is not lost to heat and elements.

Low Maintenance, High Performance

Fire shapes require little personal attention and there is no regular maintenance required. They are fire and heat resistant, and made of the same refractory ceramic material that ceramic logs are made of. You just need to make sure that you don’t use these fire shapes if they are wet as it can damage these fire shapes. When used as recommended, these fire shapes can last virtually a life time.

Order The Right Set For Your Burner Size

These fire shapes are available as sets for specific burner sizes. For example, 18 inch ceramic fire shapes include 13 pieces that will fit well in an 18 inch wide burner. So, order the right fire shapes set for your burner size, and get set to give a contemporary makeover to your fireplace or fire pit.

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