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Our Firestones Collection

If you want to give a contemporary edge to your fireplace or fire pit, but still want to retain the rustic charm then our gas fire stones make the perfect choice for you. These fire stones have an old world charm to them, but they still have a clear edge over the lava rocks as far as efficiency and aesthetics are concerned.

Those who are bored of using the same old ceramic logs in their fireplace or fire pit must consider fire stones as perfect alternative. These fire stones provide a minimalistic design and create a neat and uncluttered look in the fireplace.

Fire Stone Sets For Different Burner Sizes

Different burner sizes require a different number of fire stones, so we have created fire stones sets for different burner sizes. All you need to do is choose a set based on your burner size. For example, our 30 inch ceramic fire stone set includes 21 small stones, 12 large stones, and 12 medium stones.

Similarly, there are different sets for different burner sizes, and you will find sets for burner sizes ranging from 18 inch to 36 inch. We also have mini packs of extra-large fire stones, large fire stones, medium fire stones, small fire stones, and pebbles fire stones.

Choice of Colors

These fire stones do not just create an uncluttered and neat look for your fireplace, but they also add color to the décor, and liven up the ambience. These fire stones are available in 8 beautiful colors including light gray, dark gray, black, white, natural, beige, and adobe red. So, you will certainly find one or more colors to suit the existing color scheme and décor.

Fore stones sets are available in single colors, and combination of 3 colors and all 7 colors. So, in case you are looking to create a rich, vibrant, and colorful look in your fireplace or fire pit, you can choose a set of fire stones in all 7 colors.

These fire stones get their color from an environment friendly ceramic stain that gets absorbed into the porous material of the fire stones. So, these fire stones age gradually, and do not lose their color to heat and elements. However, it is important not to use these fire balls when they are wet.

Heat Resistant and Durable

These fire stones are made of the same material that your trusted ceramic logs are made of. They are study, durable, and long lasting. Furthermore, they require very little personal attention, so you get to enjoy a beautiful flame and fire display without spending much time or effort on maintenance. So, check out our fire stones collection, pick your favorite color, place your order, and get ready to enjoy a whole new fire experience.

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