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Fireplace H-Burners Kits


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12" H-Burner with Fire Glass Kit
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18" H-Burner with Fire Glass Kit
$184.00 $216.47
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24" H-Burner with Fire Glass Kit
$230.00 $270.59
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30" H-Burner with Fire Glass Kit
$313.00 $368.24
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36" H-Burner with Fire Glass Kit
$366.00 $430.59
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48" H-Burner with Fire Glass Kit
$495.00 $582.35
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H-Burner Kits for Fireplaces

Has the fireplace you used to love to gather around lost its old appeal? Do you no longer enjoy gazing into the bright yellow flames rising up from between the cosmetic logs and stones? Then it looks like your fireplace needs a stylish upgrade!

Introducing our sleek and trendy H-burner fireplace kits! These DIY burner kits are exactly what you need to renew your hearth and give it a facelift. But not only that, our H-burners are also extremely durable, so you and your close ones can continue enjoying your new fireplace for many years to come!

Best of all, our H-burner kit comes with a generous helping of dazzling fire glass to help you enchant your visitors at your next get together!

Each H-Burner Kit includes...

Each of our sleek H-burner kits comes fully equipped with everything you’ll need to light up a beautiful flame, including:

  • An H-burner – Made from high quality stainless steel for great durability
  • 16" whistle free flex line
  • Leak detector
  • Gas Pipe sealant
  • Necessary fittings
  • Fire glass
  • Instructions manual

H-Burner Kit Sizes

Our stylish H-burner kits are available in several convenient sizes to fit your indoor fireplace:

  • 12"
  • 18"
  • 24"
  • 30"
  • 36"
  • 48"

Do ensure you order the right size for your requirements!


You don’t need any technical knowledge to install this fireplace kit. All the fittings you will need are included and you just need to follow the simple directions in the instructions manual.

Once you have installed all the fittings and hooked up the burner to your gas supply, simply spread the fire glass over the burner, switch on the fireplace and enjoy the beautiful fire display!

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