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Zircon Fire Glass

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Our Zircon Fire Glass Collection

If you have a contemporary and luxurious fireplace or fire pit, then lava rocks and ceramic logs are certainly not the right match for it. You need something classier, brighter, and of course, lot more beautiful to make your fireplace or fire pit look even better. What’s better than our zircon fire glass when it comes to bringing the whole place alive with glitter, colors, and a beautiful flame that spreads warmth and elegance all around?

Our zircon fire glass possess gem-like beauty and look like large diamond pieces glowing in your fireplace, fire pit or fire bowl. They look similar to glass beads, but are more like chunkier pieces of glass diamonds.

Tempered Fire Glass

Our zircon fire glass is gem-like smooth glass crystals that can make your fireplace sing with joy. The glass pieces are 1 inch each in size, and die to the larger surface area of the crystals, the air circulates better giving you a bigger and more beautiful flame. Furthermore, the large crystal pieces look more striking, and when the flame blazes over these colorful gems, you get a fire display that is nothing short of breathtaking.

The zircon fire glass is made of tempered glass, which means, it can withstand exposure to extreme temperatures without losing their characteristic radiance and color. These beautiful glass pieces don’t break, discolor or crack even when they are used at high temperature for prolonged periods.

An Array of Colors

This stunning fire glass is available in myriad colors, and you can choose the one that appeals to you the most and complements the existing color scheme and décor style. There are 9 different beautiful colors available for you to choose from, and of these, 7 colors also come with a semi-reflective metallic finish that renders it an amazing glow. Light rays falling on the reflective surface create a dazzling display of light and colors that will leave your guests in complete awe.

If you are looking for a soft color that adds a subtle charm to the fireplace or fire pit then our coral and powder blue zircon fire glass makes the right choice for you. For those who seek something bold and striking, ruby red, shamrock green, and midnight blue are a great choice.

Looking for something neutral? Go for black and rain drop zircon fire glass. With so many colors to choose from, you will never be short of ideas to spice up your décor. So, pick your favorite color and give a complete makeover to your fire pit, fireplace or fire bowl.

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