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There is nothing quite like the atmosphere created by fire. Whether it is a living room fireplace or a fire pit on the patio, the warm glow of a fire creates a certain ambiance, a feeling of hearth and home that has endured as an essential element of home decor for centuries. While the love of fireplaces has endured, their look is changing. Fireplaces have become an art form, using elements such as ColorFUSION pre-mixed fire glass and elegant design features to provide that traditional, warm and welcoming ambiance with a modern flair.

Many of the fireplaces in use today, burn gas rather than wood, a change that has made them safer as far as air quality is concerned and much easier to maintain. Gas fireplaces have also opened the door to more creativity in the fireplace or fire pit. Without the soot and ash to contend with, fireplaces have become sparkling additions to décor, both inside the home and in outdoor living spaces. Pre-mixed glass fireplaces are adding a new element to that décor, providing more flash to the fireplace as flames dance in a sea of sparkling and colorful bits of tempered glass.

Pre-mixed fireplace glass is beautiful addition to any fireplace. Older fireplaces can be given new life by replacing wood or ceramic logs with premixed fireplace glass, and modern ones given a new versatile and luminous look. Available in ¼ inch or ½ inch size pieces, pre-mixed fireplace glass rocks can be chosen in color schemes that compliment the décor of your home. From the bright and bold Oceana pre-mixed fire glass to the muted and relaxing tones of Day Spa, colorFUSION premixed fireplace glass has options to suit virtually any color scheme and style.

The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to improving the look of outdoor living areas with pre-mixed fire pit glass. Whether you have a designer fire pit on the patio, or a plain brick outdoor fireplace in the back yard, pre-mixed fire glass can add to its appeal. If you are just beginning to design an outdoor decorating and lighting scheme, pre-mixed fire glass can be the foundation of a unique, glowing atmosphere. Small accents, like tabletop fire glass filled burners can be a brilliant addition to your outdoor décor. Fire pans can be filled with luminous pre-mixed fire glass and used to accent fountains or outdoor sculpture pieces for a unique and elegant look.

Blazing Glass fireplace and fire pit glass is formulated for superior, long-lasting and eco-friendly performance. Only new, unused tempered glass is used in our exclusive five-step manufacturing process, making our product the highest quality fire glass on the market. So, if updating the look of your fireplace, yard or patio is on your to-do list, don't settle for cheap imitations, take advantage of our exceptional quality and low prices to give your home a new sparkle, inside and out.

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