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Eco Fire Glass


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Jade Green Eco Fire Glass Beads
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Plum Eco Fire Glass Beads
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Smoke Eco Fire Glass Beads
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Our Eco Fire Glass Collection

Here is a fire glass collection that will add unmatched elegance and sophistication to your living area, entertainment area, patio room, or garden. Just add these small gem-like pebbles to your fireplace, fire pit, or fire bowl, and give it a fresh lease of life. These irregularly shaped pebbles when added to your fire feature can instantly transform it into a piece of decorative art.

Available in 11 stunning colors including orange, amber, red, white, yellow, green, black, plum, sapphire, sky blue, and smoke. Each of the colors can either be used individually or mixed and matched with other colors to create dramatic and artistic effects.

Our ¼ inch eco fire glass collection is made with post industrial recycled glass that is melted, dyed, and tempered to create beautiful irregular shaped glass beads in myriad colors. It is made of the same material as the regular ¼ inch fire glass; the only difference is that the edges of the sheets are used rather than the sheet itself.

The fact that it is made of post industrial glass does not make it any less sturdier or heat resistant. The ¼ inch eco fire glass can withstand temperatures as high as 1300 degrees without losing their color, shape, radiance. When used in fully vented applications, the eco fire glass can last virtually a life time.

It is not just a prettier, but a more energy efficient alternative to ceramic logs as it produces more heat and uses less gas. Another amazing thing about our eco fire glass is that it does emit any toxic fumes, or give out any nasty soot, ash, or smoke. Cleaning and maintaining fire glass is a breeze.

Quarter inch eco fire glass collection has been manufactured for Blazing Glass by American Fire Glass, the premier fire glass company known all for its top quality products. Each of the products has been reviewed and inspected by trained professionals to ensure best quality and 100% customer satisfaction. No wonder our eco fire glass is the favourite among style savvy homeowners and designers alike.

So, go green with our amazing Quarter inch eco fire glass collection, and treat yourself to a stunning display or fire, light, and colors.

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