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1/2" Black Reflective Fire Glass
$4.90 $7.50
1/2" Azuria Blue Reflective Fire Glass
$4.90 $7.50
1/4" Bronze Reflective Fire Glass
$4.70 $7.00
1/2" Copper Reflective Fire Glass
$4.90 $7.50
1/4" Rosé Reflective Fire Glass
$1.99 $3.35
1/2" Bronze Reflective Fire Glass
$4.90 $7.50
1/2" Cobalt Blue Reflective Fire Glass
$4.90 $7.50
1/2" Evergreen Reflective Fire Glass
$4.90 $6.12
1/2" Gold Reflective Fire Glass
$4.90 $7.50
1/2" Gray Reflective Fire Glass
$4.90 $7.50
1/2" Pacific Blue Reflective Fire Glass
$4.90 $7.50

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Our Reflective Fire Glass Collection

Love the look of fireplace glass but want to make an even bolder statement? Try our 1/2 inch Copper Reflective Fireplace Glass to add even more instant sparkle and mesmerizing color to your indoor or outdoor décor. 1/2 inch Reflective Fire Glass pieces are just as shiny and reflective as our traditional 1/4 inch fire glass pieces, but a little chunkier, giving flames an even larger surface area of jewel like glass to dance and shimmer on.

1/2 inch Reflective Glass Fireplaces Produce Mirror Like Finish
Just like our 1/4 inch options, 1/2 inch Reflective Fire Glass is unique in that it provides a more intense and vibrant flame than other glass options. The reflective mirror-like finish picks up natural sunlight and even indoor lighting in such a way that the glimmer is more intense and the reflective qualities are absolutely mesmerizing. Reflections dance and flicker with so much beauty and grace, your fireplace takes on the look of an extravagant piece of art.

Exciting Colors to Choose From
1/2 inch Reflective Fire Pit Glass is available in 9 colors, so finding the perfect accent to your entertainment area is easy. One of our more popular colors, 1/2 inch Azuria Blue Reflective Fire Glass is a beautiful blue inspired by the Caribbean Ocean. Azuria looks fantastic next to a pool or overlooking an ocean view. Finding the perfect color is fun and with so many different exciting options to choose from, you may have trouble deciding on just one. That's okay too, in fact, we recommend mixing and matching colors to create a custom look that adds even more vibrant shimmer.

Not sure how to choose colors? Try picking up an accent color that complements throw pillows or other color near your fireplace. Combinations are a great way to tie the decor of a room together with the dazzling sparkle of reflection. Some of the more popular color combinations include Star Fire, Black or Gold. Remember, changing the color of your 1/2 inch Reflective Fireplace Glass Rocks is so easy; you may want to consider accenting for the holidays. Imagine a beautiful Cobalt sparkling fireplace shining against your holiday décor.

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