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Fire Pit Round Drop-In Fire Pit Burner Pans

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19" Round Stainless Steel Drop-In Fire Pit Pan
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25" Round Stainless Steel Drop-In Fire Pit Pan
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Round Drop-In Burner Pans for Fire Pits

If you want to create just the right outdoor atmosphere for your family evening get together, then a fire pit is the answer! Everyone loves to gather around a fire pit, soak in its warmth and talk about old times. If you are looking to turn your backyard into an amazing entertainment area, then why not get started on your fire pit project?

Lucky for you, at Blazing Glass we carry the finest round drop-in burner pans for your fire pit. Our drop-in burner pans will not only ensure you get a terrific flame, but also ensure your’s and your guests’ safety. Our round drop-in pans are sturdy, durable, as well as efficient.

Stainless Steel Construction, Convenient Design

Our round drop-in burner pans come with a convenient ‘lip’ that allows you to easily insert them into your circular fire pit and remove them after you’re done using them. These burner pans sit on top of your fire pit, giving it a false bottom. This creates the illusion that your fire pit is full of fire glass, whereas only the upper area is.

Our round drop-in pans are made of high quality 304 stainless steel, which ensures they do not sustain any damage or rust due to long term exposure to high temperatures or harsh weather. They are extremely durable and are perfect for use in outdoor fire pits.

These pans also feature machine drilled weep holes to prevent water accumulation as well as to prevent damage to the pan. Because they are drilled, the holes do not produce loud whistling noises. The pans come with a convenient ½ inch nipple for connecting the gas supply.

Our round drop-in burner pans are compatible with both natural gas and propane applications.

Round Drop-In Burner Pan Sizes

Our round drop-in burner pans come in two convenient sizes to fit your fire pit. Available sizes include:

19” and 25”

Ensure you choose the size that best fits the dimensions of your fire pit!


Our round drop-in burner pans are extremely easy to install and no professional assistance is usually required.

Each burner pan comes built-in with a convenient ½ inch nipple for connecting your gas supply. Once the burner pan is connected to the gas supply, place it into your fire pit. Next, attach your fire pit ring (if applicable) and spread 2-4 inches of fire glass into the pan. Switch on your fire pit for a dazzling fire glass display!

Once your fire display is over, simply remove the drop-in pan from your fire pit (make sure it has cooled first!).

Do read the manual for detailed instructions.

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