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Fire Pit Square Drop-In Fire Pit Burner Pans


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12" Stainless Steel Square Drop In Pan
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18" Stainless Steel Square Drop In Pan
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24" Stainless Steel Square Drop In Pan
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30" Stainless Steel Square Drop In Pan
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36" Stainless Steel Square Drop In Pan
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Our Square Drop-in Pan Kits Collection

Fire pits are the simplest and best way to bring alive a backyard, and make it the perfect place for hosting family get-togethers and parties. With contemporary gas fueled fire pits, you can now enjoy a clean, efficient and safe heating, and at the same time enjoy the beautiful effervescent flames. If you too have been planning to purchase a fire pit, but don’t want to spend too much on it, then our DIY fire pit kits are the perfect solution for you.

For your square fire pits, Blazing glass has square drop in burner kits that are easy to install and efficient.

What is Included in These Kits?

Our square drop in burner kits are fully comprehensive and include everything that you need to create your fully functional fire pit. These kits come with a ring burner, stainless steel frame, battery powered push-button ignition system, fire pit connection kit with key valve, chrome key valve, cover plate, gas hose 2” and 5” and key.

There are separate kits for natural gas and propane applications, and kits for propane applications also include a propane air mixer valve and propane gas regulator. The kit comes with a spark ignition kit, which allows you to operate your fir pit at the push of a button.

These kits come with an instructions manual, and you can complete installation by following steps elaborated in the manual.

Square Drop in Fire Pit Kit Sizes

These DIY kits are available in various sizes, and you can choose the right size based on the measurements of the pit you have created. The kits are available in 12”, 18”, 24”, 30”, and 36”.

Built and Design

The ring burner and the burner pan are made of 100 percent high quality stainless steel, so they are sturdy, weather resistance and long lasting. This makes them perfect for use in outdoor applications.

The holes in the burner are drilled and not punched, which allows for better air circulation and there is no loud whistling sound that you get with punched holes.

These square drop in burner kits are a product of American Fire Glass, the leading manufacturer of hearth products known world over for its fire glass and burner. The kit comes with 5 year warranty, so you can make a purchase with confidence.

Get one of these DIY kits, and your fire pit will be up and running sooner than you can even imagine, and at a fraction of the cost of fire pits available in the market. So, place your order now, and get ready to enjoy a lounge-like ambience in your backyard.

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