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Square Flat Fire Pit Burner Pans

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12" Square Stainless Steel Flat Pan
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18" Square Stainless Steel Flat Pan
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24" Square Stainless Steel Flat Pan
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30" Square Stainless Steel Flat Pan
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36" Square Stainless Steel Flat Pan
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Our Square Flat Fire Pans Collection

There is no better way to enjoy a winter evening than by sitting next to a fire pit and enjoying the flames while having a hearty meal with friends and family. If you too are looking for that perfect outdoor fire experience, then make sure you have the right burner and accessories in your fire pit. Everything right from your burner to burner pan and fittings should be best quality. Considering this, Blazing Glass has put together a comprehensive collection of fire pit burners and burner pans that can help you complete your fire pit project.

Here is our collection of square flat pans that will not just support your ring burner, but will also ensure complete safety. Our square flat pans are sturdy, durable, and highly efficient.

Square Flat Pans Design

These square flat pans are made of high quality 304 stainless steel. So, they are heat and weather resistant. These burner pans do not get damaged even at high temperatures and with exposure to elements. So, they are perfect for use in outdoor fire pits.

Our square flat pans feature machine drilled holes that allow water to drain properly. This prevents damage to the burner and fire pit itself. These pans come with a ½ inch nipple for connecting gas supply.

These square flat pans can be used with both natural gas and propane applications. It supports the ring burners, and in case of propane fire pits, the pan also separates the air mixer from the fire media.

Square Flat Pan Sizes

These burner pans are available in a number of sizes to fit into fire pits of various sizes. Blazing glass has square flat pans in 12”, 18”, 24”, 30” and 36”. Choose the burner size and pan size carefully considering the dimensions of your fire pit.


These flat pans are extremely easy to install. They come with a half inch nipple, where you can hook up the gas supply. Once the burner is connected to the gas supply, you can spread a 2-4 inch layer of fire glass or fire ricks to cover the burner and base of the fire pit. When you switch on your fire pit, you will get a fire display that will leave you awed with the beautiful colors and light.

If you too are looking to create a lounge-like atmosphere in your backyard with a fire pit filled with radiant and colorful fire glass, then order one of our ring burners and a square flat pan. To finish up the project, get some fire glass in a color of your choice, and give a complete new look to your fire pit.

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