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  1. Jade Green Eco Glass - 10 Lb Bag
    Jade Green Eco Glass - 10 Lb Bag
    Bring the beauty of outdoor green hues to your living room! Our beautiful Jade Green Eco Fire Glass Beads add style and sophistication to any fireplace. Learn More
  2. Plum Eco Fire Glass Beads - 10 lb Bag
    Plum Eco Fire Glass Beads - 10 lb Bag
    The color purple is often associated with royalty, luxury and power. Bring these characteristics to your fireplace or fire pit with Plum Eco Fire Glass Beads. Learn More
    Out of stock
  3. Smoke Eco Fire Glass Beads - 10 lb Bag
    Smoke Eco Fire Glass Beads - 10 lb Bag
    Smoke is a cool, neutral, and balanced color. Add these characteristics to your indoor or outdoor living area with Smoke Eco Fire Glass Beads. Learn More
    Out of stock
  4. FREE Fire Glass Sample Kit
    FREE Fire Glass Sample Kit
    FREE Fire Glass Sample Kit Learn More

4 Items

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Fire Glass

Blazing Glass wants to help you create your dream fireplace, fire pit or fire bowl. Old and outdated lava rocks and logs are a thing of the past. Our dazzling and ambient fire glass is guaranteed to enchant all onlookers. Fire Glass will not only beautify your indoor or outdoor fire feature, but will bring life to the entire ambience of your gathering.

Because we strive for customer satisfaction, we offer an array of different types and sizes of fire glass in several exclusive colors. Our fire glass comes in seven different varieties.

Reflective Fire Glass

This amazing collection consists of tempered, multi-colored, fire glass pieces, each piece with one reflective side. Thus, the glass not only glitters but reflects all the colors of its surroundings, enhancing the dazzling effect. Available in both ¼” and ½” sizes.

Classic Fire Glass

Our classic non-reflective fire glass collection is guaranteed to impress, this fire glass comes in a wide variety of colors and shades to enhance your fire feature and show off your personal style

Fire Glass Beads

Both fire beads and fire glass are similar in that they both come in vibrant colors and give off a mesmerizing glow, but our fire beads are a bit different in shape and texture. Fire beads less jagged; they are smooth, rounded beads uniform in shape and size. They are approximately ½” in size and available in a luster finish.

Limited Edition

Get your hands on this beautiful collection of products while supplies last! Our limited collection includes several types of fire glass, fire beads, zircon glass and other rare and dazzling choices to beautify your living room or patio and impress your visitors!

Pre-Mixed Fire Glass 

If one color just isn’t enough for you, we bring you our pre-mixed fire glass collection! Created by combining our most popular fire glass products, our pre-mixed fire glass has been carefully mixed to delight all those who gaze upon it. Made of high quality tempered glass, and available in both ¼” and ½” sizes.

Zircon Fire Glass

These diamond-shaped fire glass nuggets are the perfect way to add an artistic touch to your fire feature. Approximately 1 inch in size and resembling over-sized precious gems, when you light your fireplace or fire pit, it will appear almost as though you have scattered real jewels into the fire! This is a very popular choice indeed!

Eco Fire Glass

Go green by choosing from our eco fire glass collection! These environmentally friendly beads are made from post-industrial glass that has been melted down and then dyed, giving it a brilliant color and reflective shine. As with all our fire glass, eco glass can withstand extremely high temperatures without any damage.

Recycled Fire Pit Glass

Made from recycled glass and designed to last a life time, here is another eco-friendly option for beautifying your surroundings and enchanting your visitors! Not only is our recycled fire glass a cost effective option, but can also be used as glass landscape mulch to transform your outdoors into a sparkling showcase.

Blazing Glass is your #1 Retail Hearth Industry Leader Superstore with over 25 years of combined experience and we refuse to be beaten! Our professional experience, amazing selection, everyday low prices, and Blazing Guarantee make us the right choice for you!

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